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Fortunate to work on different aspects of consultancy business in this new era of Make in India and revolution in the Indian Infrastructure Policies, our projects exude a high level of technical excellence with a commitment to sustainability. In construction and design engineering, the devil lies in the detail, so it is of utmost importance to identify the minute details of the project and work on them than getting distracted with other aspects.

Each project has a Part to Whole philosophy where we concentrate on the minor details that contribute holistically to the project progress. The failure of 90% of the projects carried around the world is due to improper scheduling. It is not the lack of scheduling but the inability to foresee risks in the project life cycle. Our meticulous approach in design, engineering and project management makes us stand apart from the crowd. We are a technologically driven Design and Project Management Consultancy having a team that can easily blend the construction concepts with cloud computing.

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Dedicated efforts in the work we undertake and a deep understanding of engineering, consultancy, and development make Prolyfis different from others.

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We believe in people’s power of manifestation. We believe that it is our team who is at the center of manifesting the business outcomes that we envision. Our team of experts are technocrats having considerable experience in the field of design and consultancy. Understanding the nuances of construction, envisioning it technologically and making it happen on ground is their forte. Apart from being tech savvy the team is sensitive towards sustainable infrastructure development that is an added advantage. Building an ecosystem where people thrive based on their knowledge, skills and techniques is the aim that we work on every single day.

M. Sham Raja
Managing Director
S. Muthusubramanian
Vice President, Operations
Snehal Joshi
Sandeep Nakka
General Manager, Planning & Operations
Saravanan Manoharan
Chief Information Officer
Anand Rajagopal
Vice President, Business Development

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