Project & Quality Management

Project Management

Construction consultancy is always perceived from a very narrow perspective. With changing times it is always better to transform the way that business is performed. Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) was first introduced in 1997 by Dr. Eliyahu M Goldratt. It is based on the methods of theory of constraints( TOC). It is said that by implementing CCPM, the projects can be completed 10% to 50% faster and within budgets as compared to other traditional methods.


Bottlenecks are the cause of major concern in many projects. With CCPM, we concentrate more on bottlenecks and clear them first. The risk of ill scheduling can be primarily managed by

* Scheduling backwards
* Adding aggregate buffers to project plan
* Managing the buffers to control the plan.


When critical chain management is supported with Total Quality Management, the results are often amazing.

Quality Management

When time is the most important commodity, we can not afford to waste it. Our clients have better ROI on their business with our quality management and integration in different processes.


In the field of design, engineering and management, there is practically no place for defects. When total quality management is applied in business processes and is followed by people, defects are further reduced. We aim at performance over perfection but when it comes to quality we aim to deliver 100%.


TQM means changing the way people do things so as to minimize the potential for defects. The TQM approach uses statistical methods to find problems that cause errors or defects. The aim is to achieve 100% in everything done in the organization i.e. we aim at progress over perfection.