Greenfield Projects

We support companies desiring to take up the expansion project. Business as usual is easy for most of the organizations but when it comes to ambitious projects that require a multidisciplinary approach we step in. Our experience in handling various projects in different public and private domains gives us the confidence to work in tandem with our clients for enhancing the outcome of the complex projects.

We work on the following aspects of expansion 

* Research

* Feasibility Studies

* Approvals 

* Compliance

* Opportunity Evaluation

* Planning

* Execution 


Businesses encounter situations where strategies may or may not work as they come with a lot of challenges and need specific risk management skills. In the modern times there are many changes that every business goes through, mainly working in green field set – ups, business expansion, implementation of ERP, Process Optimization and so on.


Our capable project management team has already handled similar projects and can prove to be the best investment that the businesses have made in the past.


As a part of our commitment to sustainability, greenfield projects are our priority. Our greenfield solutions include:

* Planning for the location
* Understanding the business requirement
* Identifying and evaluating potential locations for setting up the business
* Land Purchase or Allotment by getting necessary approvals from government authorities with required documentations and regular follow ups till the process is completed.
* Project Management